LOOK: Ocean Turns a Former Dumpsite in Russia into a Stunning “Glass Beach”

It is truly sad how we, humans, have ruined our Earth in so many ways – and we’ve been punished countless times for it, in the form of floods and landslides, among others.

But there is at least one place in the world where nature has corrected human error and turned it into something beautiful.

This place can be found in Russia, in what is now called the “Glass Beach” of Ussuri Bay.

Photo credit: Anna Pozharskaya / Bored Panda

Back in the Soviet era, people dumped their broken glasses and porcelain on this beach, making it one of the most unsightly places in the country. No one could swim or walk at the beach because of the sharp shards of glasses and porcelain strewn across the area.

But many years later, the place is now one of the favorite tourist spots in the country because the ocean has reshaped the sharp shards into smooth ‘stones’ that glitter on the sand like gems! Walking on the beach is no longer painful but felt like walking on a dreamland littered with colorful gemstones – only that the gems aren’t really real but they still look lovely, nonetheless!

Photo credit: RGO / Bored Panda

It is great that nature has corrected man’s mistakes and turned it into something stunning.