LOOK: Pacquiao Still Wore Nike Shoes in Bradley Match Despite the Brand Dropping Him in the Wake of His LGBT Comment Controversy

He doesn’t hold grudges – that’s something that Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao has proven time and again. Once again, he has proven this when he continued wearing Nike merchandise, most notably during his last match against Timothy Bradley, Jr. even if the brand had dropped him in the wake of his controversial comment that had offended the LGBT community.

Photo credit: Chosen Trends
Photo credit: Chosen Trends

Considering that Nike is not an official sponsor in his last fight before retirement, Pacquiao could have easily used any brand of shoes (and he certainly could afford to buy as many new pairs from other brands as he wants) yet he chose to use the brand that dropped him like a hot potato. Why?

Well, not only does this show that, indeed, he does not hold grudges but also that he does like the brand’s merchandise enough to wear these despite the severed ties!

Seeing that this is the case, this just might bring more endorsements for the boxing champ from brands that he might like because he could easily be seen as the guy who only wears the brands that he likes (and that equates to indirect endorsements) even if they are not his official sponsors.

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