LOOK: Photo of Woman and Dog with Matching ‘Mismatched Eye Color’ Goes Viral

There are so many interesting things on the internet that you could spend hours in front of the computer reading and watching these – and still find lots more to watch and read! Yet there are things that just become more popular than the others and they go viral for various reasons.

Take for example this photo of a woman and a dog with matching ‘mismatched eye color’ which had gone viral on Reddit and other social media pages.

Just by looking at it, what can you say about this photo?

Photo credit: Instagram/enchanted.forest

Well, as you have probably guessed by now, the photo is edited. While the dog does have mismatched eyes, the woman doesn’t – but this was created for a Photoshop photoseries to show that there is beauty in being unique and in our differences.

Still, it was interesting to see these strange eye combinations that the photo still went viral despite people knowing that it was edited!

Source :

Yahoo! News

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