LOOK: Pit Bull Feels So Happy to be Rescue That He Couldn’t Stop Smiling!

They say pit bulls are scary and downright dangerous but Brinks is different because he literally has a smile ready for everyone!

But he wasn’t always this happy. Back when he was just a pup, he was living in the streets of New York City. He was lucky enough that Jon Bozak and his dog Demo were out walking and found him in Brooklyn. Bozak took him home and tried to find his rightful owners but after a month of looking for ‘missing dog’ flyers and checking into reports at the police stations in the locality, he realized he got himself a new dog.

Bozak recalls how happy the dog had been when he got rescued – and it seems that he had this penchant for smiling like a human!

He said, “I think I first discovered Brinks could smile the very first day I found him. I’d thrown him in the car and he got in to the front seat and just kind of made himself at home.

I don’t think he’s a clown, or walking through life goofily smiling because everything cracks him up, but he does smile as an expression. I think it’s a very, ‘I’m a friend, trust me’ sort of smile. He does it in reaction to things that you’d think make a dog or a living creature smile; food, getting petted,” he added.

Today, Brinks is an inspiration to many – and would you believe he has over 80,000 followers on Instagram?

Bozak admitted, “No matter how bad the day is, or how bad the job is, no matter how down you think you can get; you look at that dog and his smile, and you can’t help but be happy.

What do you think of Brinks, the smiling dog?