LOOK: Praying Cops Earn Praise on Social Media

Someone found five cops holding hands, with their heads bowed down in prayer; thus, this netizen took a snapshot of the group and shared it on social media where it quickly went viral.

On Facebook page, Lord is coming back, the heartwarming photo earned over 35.8k shares and 21k likes within a day after it was posted, showing that this was a poignant reminder for many people about the power of prayer.

Photo credit: Lord is coming
Photo credit: Facebook/Lord is coming

Although the page did not elaborate the circumstances behind the cops’ prayer or where the photo was taken, it was assumed that the situation was grave but they have faith that a more powerful being is watching over them as they undertake whatever it is they have to do.

Have you ever prayed in public without worrying about what people will say – just like what these cops did?