LOOK! Seagull Eats Ice Cream from a Girl’s Hand

Summer is definitely here, so you can expect that the air will be warmer.  While we could go to the beach, some people don’t have the time or just can’t afford it.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to cool down.  One of this is by eating an ice cream, but what if that option is taken away by a bird?

You must be wondering why I would ask a ridiculous thing like that.  Unfortunately, that is what just happened to a girl who was enjoying her ice cream and taking some pictures.

seasgull ice cream
Image taken from Twitter/ Kridolla$ign

Chris, a 20-year-old UCLA student based in Los Angeles, paused for a moment from eating her ice cream since it was a perfect moment for a photo shoot as she is holding an ice cream cone in her hand but when she does that, a seagull suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and eats the treat out of her hand.

“if u wanna have a nice laugh u can laugh at my life …… i give up on the aesthetic life bc [because] my ICE CREAM JUST GOT SWOOPED BY A SEAGULL AND FELL INTO THE OCEAN GOODBYE SPRING BREAK CANCELLED MY LIFE IS A MEME,” @youngweonhi wrote on Instagram.

Well, I guess that we can’t do anything about that because the bird came like a thief in the night; clearly, she wasn’t prepared for that.  No one would be able to predict what to do in that moment since that kind of thing doesn’t normally happen. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and now, she is sharing it to the world.

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