LOOK: Some Drainage Canals in Japan are So Clean That They Have Koi Fish There!

What comes to your mind if you are asked to describe a drainage canal? Dirty, foul-smelling, and something that you would rather avoid, right?

Well, that might hold true to many drainage canals but you will surely be amazed to learn that there are canals in Japan that are so clean they have koi fish and other species there!

Photos of these amazing canals have gone viral on social media, with people praising the Japanese people for their beautiful towns and clean canals.

Some of these canals have even turned into tourist spots by their own right, with plenty of people actually choosing to visit these places just to see the unique attraction – can you imagine a drainage canal becoming a tourist attraction? Crazy, right? But it is true!

WOW! GRABE! Ganito ang mga kanal sa Japan, ang ganda at pwede pang gawing fishponds.. SHARE mo ito kung gusto mo ganito rin sa Pinas

Posted by Tambayan ni Berto Worldwide on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I would certainly love to visit one and see the fish for myself – but i would love it more if we could create things like this for our country.

Can you imagine visiting a drainage canal as part of your tour itinerary? After seeing these photos, I certainly would gladly do that! But I think it would be more amazing if canals around the world would eventually look like the ones in these photos…