LOOK: “The Simpsons” Correctly Predicts Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance!

Social media was abuzz over Lady Gaga’s awesome half-time performance at the Super Bowl, not just because it was absolutely wonderful but because it was predicted by TV series “The Simpsons” several years ago!

Is the show the modern version of Nostradamus? Netizens couldn’t help but ask that because the series had also accurately predicted that Donald Trump would become president as well as some facets of his campaign. There were also other events discussed or presented in the series that would later come true in future times.

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The Lady Gaga Super Bowl performance is the latest of these accurate The Simpsons predictions – and not did they get her outfit right, she also jumped from the roof at the start of the performance, had cable wires sticking from her back to secure her as she did somersaults and danced above the audience, and had drones light up the background.

While the lights in that The Simpsons episode were configured to show a giant cowboy hat, Gaga’s actual performance showed the American flag – but the prediction is pretty much precise because it still followed the “lights in the sky” concept.

Photo credit: Queen Gaga / Twitter

Amazing, right?

[Click here to watch Lady Gaga’s full performance]

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