LOOK: These “Crab-Walking” Conjoined Twins’ Life Might Be Difficult But They Manage to Stay Positive and Live a Happy Life

Conjoined twins Pin and Pan share 2 legs and 4 arms yet each one controls one leg each, making it rather difficult for them to walk since they always have to coordinate their movement so they would not topple over.

In going places, they always have to agree first because they would never reach it unless they do – and when they actually have a planned destination, getting there is extra difficult because they have to crab walk to reach that place using all their limbs.

Bathroom breaks are also painful for the girls who are fused at the waist.

Photo credit: BRIGHT TV / YouTube
Photo credit: BRIGHT TV / YouTube

Still, despite the difficult life they live and the struggles they have to continually face every day, Pin and Pan who hail from Thailand manage to stay positive and live a happy life. They go to school like the other kids in the village; though getting there is extra hard and navigating the school gets pretty challenging but their determination is admirable!

The charity organization, Bright Volunteers, is trying to help the twins live a better, more comfortable life. It is with great hope that the two could someday be separated so that they can have an easier life; though such is still considered risky and would require extensive tests and simulations before the procedure can be started.

We hope for the best for you, Pin and Pan! Stay cheerful and positive…

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