LOOK: This 80-Year-Old Grandpa Walks 20 Kilometers per Day Just to Earn Money Selling Shrimp Paste

‘Bagoong’ (shrimp/krill paste) is a favorite native condiment in the Philippines often sold in the public market but some hardworking sellers also bring their goods to the streets, selling it from house to house to earn more money.

But while this salty (and somewhat smelly) relish is quite popular among Filipinos, vendors’ earnings in selling bagoong are a pittance since the price of a cup of bagoong is quite cheap – and the bagoong lasts for weeks, even months, so that buyers do not buy this every day.

Still, even with the small income of around Php50 ($1.08), bagoong seller Manong Lauro does not mind because the amount he earns is still money, of course, and could buy a kilogram of rice or a few pieces of fish. Thus, every day, Manong Lauro walks from Bitukang Manok, in Pandi, Bulacan (Philippines) to Real de Cacarong (in the same town) just to sell his bagoong.

Photo credit: Facebook/Trending Pinoy Videos
Photo credit: Facebook/Trending Pinoy Videos

Considering that he is over 80 years old, Manong Lauro shouldn’t really be walking that far and carrying a heavy pail of bagoong yet this noble old man still wants to help earn money for his family. We could only hope that his family will have better jobs soon so that Manong Lauro wouldn’t have to do this every single day – for he surely deserves to rest and enjoy his remaining days on Earth!

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