LOOK: This 92-Year-Old Woman is the Oldest Employee at McDonald’s… She’s Fantastic!

At 92 years old, Madam Goh Gwek Eng is the oldest employee at McDonald’s – and she’s doing it more to stay active and enjoy her life than for money.

Most of her life, Madam Goh had been a housewife who took care of her 5 kids and her husband; she never complained about that and was quite adept in the kitchen. When all her kids got married and had children of their own, Madam Goh soon got restless. The older she got, the more she wanted to do something because she had always been used to doing stuff on her own.

So, in 1998, she asked help from one of her grandkids. The granddaughter found her a job at a McDonald’s outlet at Bedok Bus Interchange in Bedok, Singapore just 20 minutes’ walk from her house.

Madam Goh enjoys her job at McDonald’s. Not only does this keep her active, it gives her a better sense of self-worth.

Photo credit: The Straits Times/Desmond Foo
Photo credit: The Straits Times/Desmond Foo

Now 92 years old with 5 kids, 10 grandkids, and 20 great grandkids, you would think Madam Goh would prefer sitting at the porch and knitting clothes for her brood but she actually loves her McDonald’s job and admitted she would keep working as long as she is healthy.

She’s quite adept at preparing anything off the menu although she does need some help when making fries as she gets very hot from standing in front of the fryer and some assistance in carrying heavy items – yet at 92 years old, isn’t that already quite amazing?

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