LOOK: This Dad Makes a Lovely DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf and Reading Nook for His Daughter

Dads truly know what’s best for their daughters – and lucky are the daughters whose dads know how to DIY (do it yourself) because they get awesome stuff for their rooms! Take for example this lucky kid whose dad just happens to know how to make a big dollhouse that doubles as a bookshelf and reading nook.

Not only did dad make her a beautiful piece of furniture, he was also able to transform the room and make it more functional! This girl is surely going to love reading books in that quiet little nook. I wish my dad built me one like this when I was a kid! But it’s not too late to make one for my princess, huh?

Check out how Rob Palmer made this easy DIY dollhouse bookshelf. He shares some instructions for you to follow just in case you also want to make something like this for your kids or yourself!