LOOK: This Female Mechanic is Gorgeous! Not Only Can She Fix Cars, She’s Also a Model and Award-Winning Cosplayer!

Tantin Legaspi Meneses, the hottest auto mechanic in the Philippines, is making waves on social media not just because she’s female (the motoring industry is dominated by men!) but also because of her gorgeous looks!

Tantin who comes from a family of auto mechanics decided to become one, too; and she greatly benefited from stock knowledge she gained from the guys in her family yet it amazed netizens that such a gorgeous lady could be so comfortable getting dirty while fixing cars.

While 99.9% of auto mechanics across the world are males, there are some females in this industry although Tantin seems to be the only one in the Philippines that has gotten viral so far.

Aside from being a full-time mechanic who could easily troubleshoot and fix cars, she’s also banking on her good looks during her free time – she’s also a freelance model and a cosplayer (a multi-awarded one at that!) who is known for portraying a Fairy Tail Guild S-Class Mage named Erza Scarlet.

Check out some of Tantin’s awesome looks (as mechanic, as model, and as cosplayer) in this photo series:

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