LOOK: This Guy’s Chocolate-Filled Fridge is a Dream Come True!

What’s inside your fridge? Well, for many of us, the fridge is filled with water, juice, leftover food, and viand staples such as meat, chicken, and vegetables. But I know that many of us also secretly wish it was filled with desserts and chocolates!

Well, one guy has achieved that, actually!

Posting on Real8 Facebook page, vlogger AhmadTalatH shares a video of his fridge with sweet treats that would surely make your jaw drop. From top to bottom, the fridge only contained chocolates and delectable treats like Nutella hazelnut spread, m&ms, Kit Kat chocolates, Maltesers, Cadbury chocolates, Snickers, Twix, and so much more!

Screenshot from video by Real8

Of course, many quickly noticed the fridge door packed with Nutella jars and commented that this was certainly fake because the hazelnut spread turns solid and won’t be spreadable when placed inside the fridge but we think he just placed those jars there to complete his collection but will take it out after the video session.

Nutella in fridge or not, this was certainly my dream fridge contents!

Of course, comments about diabetes are expected on this one but just look at that kid’s face – he’s in heaven! We wouldn’t want to spoil that excited smile by telling him he’s bound to get diabetes if his fridge will always be packed with chocolates for the rest of his life!

For now, let’s just drool with envy over this chocolate-filled fridge! Yummy…

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Posted by Real8 on Sunday, January 22, 2017