LOOK: This is the Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth

Set in the Indian Ocean, an island called Socotra (sometimes also spelled as Soqotra) is said to be the most alien-looking place on Earth, thanks to its rather weird scenery created by plants that are endemic to the area.

With a land area of 3,796 km2 (1,466 sq mi), Socotra is a great place to explore for you will see lots of flora and fauna, many of which endemic to the place or are already considered rare in many parts of the world.

For instance, there are 800 extremely rare species of flora and fauna on the island, 200 of which are unique species of birds while 250 species of plants are endemic to the island!

It would surely be exciting to see these animals and plants yet the island is not exactly a popular destination not just because of the on-going civil war Saudi Arabia’s Air Force that canceled flights to the island, getting to the place can also be difficult with lots of restrictions imposed by the government.

Moreover, development is restricted in the area (and rightfully so!) after it became a world natural heritage site. Still, this makes the place an even greater place to visit; though it would also do the island good if humans leave it as it is.

Watch this video to see the unique beauty of this island:

Socotra Island

This is Socotra Island, the most alien-looking place on Earth.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Friday, January 8, 2016

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