LOOK: Wild Rhino Rushes to Photographer, Not to Attack but to Ask for a Belly Rub!

If you happen to get lucky enough to visit the African savannah and enjoy an exciting safari adventure, make sure you understand the laws of nature first – especially the animals you have to avoid getting in direct contact with, if you want to still get back home in one piece.

Of course, lions, tigers, and other big cats should be top on your list but even herbivores like rhinos and hippos should also be avoided because they are territorial animals and could easily crush you to *****!

Screenshot from video by Garth de Bruno Austin / YouTube

But not all of these wild creatures are going to act wild and crazy on everyone. One rhino was caught on camera as it rushed towards a photographer, not to attack the human for encroaching on its territory but to actually ask for a belly rub! LOL.

For a second there I was scared for his life but it turned out Garth de Bruno Austin had befriended the rhino in his years of documenting the wildlife in the area, in his advocacy against poaching which is quite rampant in South Africa.

Austin was able to gain the rhino’s trust and eventually became its friend, leading the creature to act so adorable even when it is a huge animal.

Check out this adorable video and be amazed by the bond these two had created:

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