LOOK: Woman with Down Syndrome Loves Tattoos So Much that Artist Gives Her Free Temporary Tattoos Every Week!

Someone gave a woman with Down Syndrome a stack of temporary tattoos – and she loved it so much that she gets a new tattoo each week from a tattoo artist who thinks her weekly visits are a “bright spot” on his work week!

According to Shareably, Suzie from New Zealand received a stack of temporary tattoos and wanted to show them off to her friends at the care facility where she lives. So, she went to Muscle and Ink, a local tattoo parlor, to have these affixed on her arms.

Photo credit: Shareably

She loved the idea of getting and having a tattoo so much that she goes back to the tattoo parlor every week to get a fresh set!

The tattoo parlor was owned and operated by Jason Ward who said that he loves to give her the new tattoos every week, especially because she really enjoys them. He said that each of her visits is like a ray of sunshine to his shop and that he looks forward to Fridays when she comes to the tattoo parlor for her fresh pair of tattoos.

Photo credit: Shareably

Of course, he could have given her permanent ones but because she actually loves the idea of getting a tattoo and a new design each week, it was best that she only got temporary ones.

So, each Friday Suzie visits the tattoo parlor and happily leaves with a new tattoo – while also keeping Jason happy that he has made her smile again and again and again…

Photo credit: Shareably

Isn’t this a lovely story?