Love-struck Dolphin Tries to Mate with Female Snorkeler, Ignores Her Boyfriend Who Tried to Separate Them

While it is certainly fun to swim with dolphins, one lady found out that the activity is not always happy as one tried to mate with her in the shallows! Oooops.

In a footage that has since gone viral on social media and even on mainstream media, the young dolphin could be seen swimming with a group of snorkelers near the island of Joe Grant’s Cay in the Turks & Caicos Islands, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the video description, the dolphin was a juvenile who went close to the group and swam with them for over an hour. But their joyful encounter soon turned rather strange as the dolphin tried to mate with one of the females.

Interspecies mating is not unheard of, but it is certainly taboo in human society – but this encounter was one that made a lot of people laugh.

The dolphin first went to a male who was later identified as the woman’s boyfriend (now her husband). But it quickly dismissed the guy, seemingly knowing that he’s male.

Screenshot from video by Launchpad Screeners / YouTube

The love-struck dolphin began to circle the female, trying its best to give her the best courtship dance he could muster. Seeing that she was in danger of getting violated by the creature, the woman tried to move away but the creature quickly darted closer – it was quite adept with moving in the water, after all.

Her boyfriend moved quickly to separate her from the marine Casanova but the young dolphin wasn’t happy with the third party joining his courtship dance. The woman was actually quite lucky that she was using a snorkel and was able to breathe even with the dolphin moving about as the incident could have led to drowning!

Luckily, the two were able to escape unscathed. Understandably, they stayed out of the water for the remaining part of the trip but the dolphin stayed around until the adventure group finally left the area.

Watch the young Casanova in action in this viral clip: