Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Best Friend Killed by a Speeding Car, Ignores Food Given by Passers-by

A number of people were curious upon seeing a black dog chasing after a car in the streets of Bernal in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They wondered why the dog was making such a fuss – perhaps he was chasing his owner who has to go to work or going after a trespasser? But knowing dogs are territorial, many were puzzled that it would continue chasing after the dog.

When the car finally stopped, a man went out and dropped a black plastic bag on the sidewalk. The black dog immediately ran towards the black bag as the car sped away. Not one of the passers-by was able to take note of the plate number as they didn’t even know whether they had to do it.

The black dog began to nudge the plastic bag, barking as it tried to open the bag.

Photo credit: Chicho Barbaroja / Facebook

Chicho Barbaroja was among those who had watched the dog chase the car and run towards the bag. Taking pity on the dog, he helped it open the plastic bag; he was shocked to see a brown dog inside, dead.

The black dog nudged the brown dog, whimpering as he realized his best friend was dead.

Many of those who watched the dogs believe the brown dog was hit by the speeding car. But they were quite impressed to see what happened next. Instead of leaving his dead friend, the black dog began to hold a quiet vigil over her dead body.

Photo credit: Chicho Barbaroja / Facebook

He laid his head on the brown dog and stayed in that position for a long time. He would only move a bit to change his position but refused to go away even when the curious passers-by tried to give him some food and water.

For hours, the dog held his vigil. It amazed the locals that the dog was steadfast in trying to keep his dead friend company. The would soon give him the nickname of Negrito for ‘Little Black’.

Photo credit: Chicho Barbaroja / Facebook

Finally, some hours later, someone managed to entice the dog with some food and directed it away from its dead friend; it was probably already hungry after refusing to eat for many hours. Others quickly got the body and buried it before the dog returned.

Immediately after finishing his meal, the dog trotted back to its friend but was shocked to find her gone.

When he realized that his companion was no longer there, he went around in circles, going from corner to corner and even looking for her in the garbage bags of the block,” Barbaroja said.

Poor dog.

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