Luckiest Guess on “Wheel of Fortune” Wins Asian Guy $45,000

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the best game shows I love to watch, especially because it is nice to try answering the puzzles ahead of the contestants and “winning” the prize for myself [well, a girl could dream, right?].

Now, some people are lucky enough to get many letters as guide to solving the puzzle but what if you are just given 10 seconds to solve a puzzle which only has 2 letters provided and there are three words involved? Pretty tough, isn’t it?

lucky two

The category was “Thing”. The chances of a contestant getting the right answer on such a short time frame for such a difficult puzzle could be one in a trillion!

So, when Asian guy Emil was told to give it a go, he said the first thing that popped out of his mind — and would you believe it was the right answer??? He was very surprised at the win while host Pat Sajak was quite shocked and jokingly frisked him just to check whether he had some hidden notes.

It truly was an amazing win and Emil got $45,000 for that very lucky guess.

Watch the exciting moment here: