Lucky Woman Who Didn’t Mean to Buy Lottery Tickets, Ends Up Winning Brand New SUV

While there are millions of people who try their luck at the lottery but never win anything back, there are also those who just tickets out of the blue and end up winning something big!

Take for example this woman in Malaysia who didn’t mean to buy lottery tickets but ended up winning a brand new SUV.

The woman who was not named in reports was only identified as a clerk who was out on a day off. She went to a shopping mall to meet with some relatives.

Photo credit: GuangMing

While waiting, she passed by a shop that was selling lottery tickets at the counter. Curious at the tickets but with no intention to buy, really, she pulled one ticket to check it out but the action led to the ring holding all the tickets to fall to the floor, creating a mess.

Embarrassed by her gaffe, the woman decided to buy several lottery tickets as a way of saying ‘sorry’ for ruining the display. She thought nothing about the tickets and was already home when she remembered that she bought some.

Upon learning about the tickets, her mother encouraged her to scratch them while her niece joked that she would surely win the brand new Honda HR-V 1.8L E. The niece further joked that she wants her aunt’s car if the latter ever wins one from the lottery; her aunt laughingly agreed to give her the old car.

Photo credit: GuangMing

But their laughter would soon turn into shouts of joy when one of the scratch cards revealed that the woman did win the brand new SUV! Can you believe that? She’s so lucky!

It was really a good thing she decided to buy some tickets after dropping that display ring…