Magic Gone Wrong? Prankster Magician Accidentally Throws Man’s Phone in the River

There are a lot of street performers these days who don’t just perform to earn money in the streets but also post their acts on YouTube to earn more money.

Street magic is among the most popular performances – and Ryan TricksTV is among those YouTube channels that post about street magic and other acts.

Ryan TricksTV is known for its funny tricks as well as serious magic. But one day, it appears that the magician made an utterly unforgiveable mistake – the volunteer’s phone gets accidentally thrown in the river! Oooops.

Photo credit: Ryan TricksTV / YouTube

In the video, a magician was seen showing tricks to a group of guys. But it was easy to see that he was really just pranking the guy, with an assistant actually catching the stuff he throws that supposedly ‘disappear’ from his hands.

The volunteer seemed quite impressed with the magician’s tricks, not knowing that the guy was actually just throwing the stuff at his back.

So, when the prankster magician asked to borrow his phone to continue the trick, the volunteer readily handed his. But things didn’t go as planned. When the magician threw the phone to his assistant, the latter was not able to catch it and the phone flew into the river! Major blunder!

At first, the man laughed nervously as he waited for the prankster magician to make his phone appear again but when the latter and his assistance began to apologize for losing the phone, the volunteer’s demeanour change. It was clear he was not pleased with the turn of events.

Would the magician give him a new phone? Well, it turned out the prankster guy might really be a real magician after all. Check out this video and see where he hid the phone: