Magician Shows iPad Magic Tricks to Chimp, Gets Big Hug from the Delighted Animal

Everyone knows that chimps are among the closest cousins of humans in the animal kingdom yet many of us are still amazed at the many similarities they share with us.

Take for example this viral video of a chimp that reacted like a human being who was amazed at the magic tricks done by a magician on his iPad.

Simon Pierro is a magician known for his iPad magic tricks wherein he would be pouring out liquid from his iPad or even conjure various things from the screen, including gadgets and food items. Millions of people are amazed by his tricks but would the same work for chimps? How would these highly intelligent creatures react to magic tricks?

Photo credit: Simon Pierro / YouTube

Well, Pierro sought to find out and had a video taken with some chimps. The results were quite amazing. In fact, the video he made of the chimps’ reaction would soon go viral on various social media outlets, gaining over 8 million views on YouTube and another 5 million views on Facebook.

In the clip, the chimp could be seen watching Pierro do some of his famous magic tricks. He made peanuts seemingly come out of the iPad as well as other things like a smartphone.

Would you believe that a chimp took the iPad and began turning it around, intently inspecting and trying to figure out where the nuts came from or perhaps seeking more nuts from the gadget?

It was actually incredible to watch.

Some folks began to think that Pierro was being a bit cruel on the animal but changed their minds when the amazed chimp gave him a hug at the end of the clip. Isn’t this cute?

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