Maid from Qatar Claims Her Employers Stole Her Kidney Without Her Knowledge, Kicked Her Out for Being “Too Sickly”

A domestic helper who worked for a family in Doha, Qatar claimed her employers had stolen her kidney without her knowledge and that they kicked her out of the household on grounds that she was “too sickly”. It was only some 3 years later when she learned that she now only has one kidney left.

The bizarre story of 25-year-old Sri Rabitah from Lombok, Indonesia began when she applied for a job in the Middle East. The agency told her she was going to work for a family in Abu Dhabi but placed her in Qatar, instead.

Upon arriving in Qatar, the Palestinian family she was going to work for insisted that they bring her to the doctor for a medical check-up to ensure she doesn’t have infectious diseases. At the clinic, the doctor gave her an injection to “help her relax” as she supposedly looked weak.

Photo credit: Karnia Septia/Kompas – Oddity Central

She couldn’t remember what happened afterwards but when she woke up, she had a wound at the right side of her lower back. She also had blood in her urine and was in pain for days but her employers wouldn’t tell her what happened at the clinic.

Some days later, the employer brought her back to the agency to ask for another maid as Rabitah was “too sickly” and was unfit for work. She was later assigned to other employers but continued to fall ill – so much that the agency got tired of finding her a job and sent her back home to Indonesia.

She continues to feel pain on her right backside; so, 3 years after she flew to Qatar, she had a check-up with a doctor in Indonesia who discovered that she is suffering from chronic pain because her right kidney was removed and was replaced by what appears to be a coiled tube!

Rabitah now needs to be operated again to remove that coiled tube but hopes that the Indonesian government will sue her previous employer for her stolen kidney…