Maid of Honor Steals the Show with Her Funny Poses of Bestfriend’s Photoshoot

When a bride chooses her maid of honor, she will always opt for her best friend. Being the maid of honor is not an easy task for sure. Together with the bride, she has endless responsibilities and tons of errands to run especially on the day itself – but this task is fulfilling and really memorable.

One of the duties and responsibilities of being a maid of honor is to make sure the bride looks good on the photos. However, this maid of honor decides to upstage the newlyweds on their photo.

Photo: Ashley Hempel Photograph via Facebook

Sharilyn Wester was asked to throw the bride’s veil, she did a little extra to make sure the ‘veil toss’ photo would be extremely memorable. From the start, the bride, Rebecca Foster was in on the jokeand she knew that Sharilyn will make a scene but her husband, James, was in for a surprise.

Canadian photographer Ashey Hempel posted these hilarious photos on Facebook saying: “Not quite what I meant when I asked for a veil toss.

Photo: Ashley Hempel Photograph via Facebook

Sharilyn, told Huffington Post, that the bride was in on the prank.

“We’ve been best friends since after high school. I’m originally from Canada but am living in the USA now, so we knew that being together again at her wedding, we had to do something memorable.”

Photo: Ashley Hempel Photograph via Facebook

“Sharilynn and Becca actually had this idea, we were in the middle of shooting the formals and Becca said they wanted to do this veil toss picture,” Ashley Hempel told Huffington.

“I was like ‘sure, let’s do it!’ But I had no idea what they actually had in mind! Sharilynn held the veil up and did her crazy poses and I died. We all had a hard time keeping straight faces,” she added.

Surely, these photos are worth remembering as much as their friendship.