Mail Worker Noticed Something Odd at an Old Man’s Home…And Quickly Becomes a Hero!

A mail worker going through her usual routine noticed something amiss in the home of one of the regulars, an elderly man living alone. Cissy Cartwright knew that 66-year-old Tommy Hope was living alone but also knew that he would always get the mail every week.

She was, therefore, surprised when she placed new mail but found the ones she had previously delivered. With the old man living in a house with a long, winding drive hidden from the street, Cartwright decided to investigate what could have happened to Hope.

She was shocked to find the front door open and the old man injured after a bad fall. But she was horrified to learn the old man had suffered the fall a total of ten days prior to her discovery! Hope was so badly injured that he could not stand up to reach his phone and call for help. He survived by crawling to the front door to drink water from a bucket of rainwater and using a stick to get ice cubes from the ice maker.

It was amazing that he survived for that long with his injuries, without food and drinking only dirty rainwater! It was also equally amazing that Cartwright realized something was amiss and decided to check. The report would have been morbid if she got there a little later.

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