Malaysian Man Glues Himself to Caltex’s Headquarters as a Sign of Protest for Unjust Termination

Due to unjust termination, a Malaysian man decides to glue himself to the floor of the company’s headquarters as a sign of protest. Fadzilah Abdul Hamid visited the oil giant Chevron Malaysia Limited (Caltex) in November.

He worked as a Caltex petrol station operator for the past 17 years until, to his surprise, he received a notice last May reprimanding him to vacate two premises where he was working (Kelana Jaya and Kampung Subang in Selangor) within 30 days.

In the letter that he received, he was terminated because he refused to pay charges under a circular Implementation of Self-Service at Petrol Stations.

Image: Oddity Central

The social activist representing him named Muhamad Yusuf Azmi explained that the circular in the question dated April 11, 2000, states that “all costs for implementing self-service including the set-up automatic devices and calibration of those devices are to be borne fully by the oil company and no direct or indirect charges are to be made by the petrol station operators.”

On November 21, Hamid went to the Caltex headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in hopes to make amends with the officials; unfortunately, he seemed to be ignored and made to wait for over 4 hours. So, he decided to make the boldest decision of glueing his hands to the company’s floor.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Azmi said that Hamid showed up to the headquarters at 11 am and he waited until 3:30 pm; no one attended the poor man.

“Until today, after 175 days since the date of the termination claim, no response has been received,” Azmi added.

Image: Oddity Central

Azmi also shared Hamid’s story on Facebook wherein his wife brought food and other supplies to support his protest. He also added that Hamid is the only one of several other Caltex operators who repeatedly asked the oil company to double check the charges but he was the first one to make such desperate action.

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