Malaysian Student Eats on the Canteen’s Floor after Parents Take Over the Seats

As a parent, we always look forward when our kids start schooling. Some parents are more excited than their kids. As supportive parents, they always want to be in every milestone of their kid’s life and that includes their first day of school.

According to World of Buzz, Malaysia just started their school year and as usual, some parents go along with their kids in the first week of the Standard One to make sure their kids are doing great.

Image: World of Buzz

Unfortunately, while these parents closely monitored the needs of their kids, they forget the other students who also have needs but didn’t bring their parents along with them.

A concerned netizen named Mohd Fadli Salleh posted a photo on Facebook of a young student who was forced to sit on the floor of the school’s canteen and eat his food while the seats were taken up by the parents.

Image: World of Buzz

“The chairs in the canteen should be reserved for students. It’s where they’re meant to sit and eat, not for parents to sit and take care of their own children until other students don’t have any place to sit,” the Standard One teacher captioned on her Facebook account, reports World of Buzz.

His post caught a lot of attention online with over 13,000 shares. Some of the netizens also urged the parents to be more considerate.

Speaking with mStar, he said that the parents are actually not allowed to sit in canteens during break time. It is also a rule of most schools; however, there are no exceptions if the canteen is not that crowded.

Image: World of Buzz

Sure enough, the parents of these students know about this because it was usually announced during school orientation. It seems that they just ignored it.

He also advised the parents to be more considerate next time because it’s really sad when some kids won’t eat because they have no seats available.