Malaysian Teenager **** after Mistakenly Drinking Glass of Coca Cola Doped with Ecstasy

A 17-year-old Malaysian surnamed Ang who was working at a local cyber cafe decided to go to his friend’s birthday celebration after a tiring day at work to relax and unwind.

At the party, he ordered a glass of chocolate.  Shortly after, he was found suffering from seizures so he was immediately brought to the hospital.

Photo: Sinchew

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it as he died while on his way to the hospital.

Apparently, instead of chocolate, Ang drank a glass of coca cola with ecstasy. He then became so ‘high’ and active that his body eventually gave up.

At 10 am, Ang’s father who is a taxi driver was informed of the bad news by his friends. They told him that Ang had ordered a glass of chocolate drink but mistakenly drank the cola with ecstasy drug.

Photo: Happitify

Ang’s father confessed that his son had tried ecstasy once out of curiosity but had stopped touching ***** again because he had realized the consequences of taking it.

He added that Ang had been living clean for years.  He was also a good student with above average grades but he had stopped studying after being repeatedly harassed by triads. But then, Ang had submitted a new application because he had expressed his intentions of continuing his studies.

Ang is eldest in the family. He was staying with his 80-year-old grandmother and his younger sister in Taman Johor Jaya.

His father described him as a filial son who would always buy food for his sick grandmother.

Photo: Sinchew

The tragic incident devastated Ang’s father who reminded all young people to stay after from ***** for its negative effects on the body.