Malaysian Thief Sleeps in the Car He’s Trying to Steal, Gets ********

A 25-year-old Malaysian man was caught trying to steal a Proton Saga at around 5 am on February 6th in Segamat, Johor, Malaysia. However, he did something unexpected yet very funny.

According to World of Buzz, he was able to break into the car and turn on the engine and air conditioning and then catch some sleep.

“The suspect was sleeping in the driver’s seat and snoring loudly. He then woke up when the owner approached the car. The suspect tried to open the door to run away, but since he was in a state of panic, he couldn’t get the door open and was locked in the vehicle,” Segamat District Police Chief superintendent Raub Selamat said in an interview.

Image: Pixabay

Police later arrived in the area and successfully ******** the suspect who was in deep slumber. According to his urine tests, it showed that the suspect had some Methamphetamine in his body.

After further investigation, three Indonesians age ranging from 23 and 30 years old were also ********. They are allegedly waiting for the primary suspect in a car near the scene of the crime.

Image: World of Buzz

The primary suspect is being investigated under Section 379A/511 of the Malaysian Penal code for attempted vehicle theft. The three Indonesians, however, have been handed over to the Department of Immigration for further investigation and necessary actions.

It was indeed an unusual way to catch a thief but it’s a good news to know that they were ******** and they received the proper penalty for their wrongdoings so that they could learn from their mistakes.

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