Malaysian Woman’s Money in Bank Gets Washed Out after Being Victimized by Online Scam

To keep our hard-earned money, we normally put this in a bank to be safe and secured just to be sure that it won’t get lost or stolen. However, with the advancement of technology, some are still able to rob money from innocent victims by using the internet that can’t easily be detected as already part of a scam.

Lee Shi Ni Michelle shared her personal experience on Facebook after she instantly lost all her money in the bank with an e-mail she thought was legitimate. Sad though, her hard-earned money cannot be returned anymore and all she can hope for is that the culprit is ******** and put in jail.

According to Lee, she received an email from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN), a government sector which handles taxes and where Malaysians usually go for their income tax return. The email was sent by a certain Encik Fadzli Bin Abdul Wahit. She then clicked on it to know its content.

Photo: World of Buzz
Photo: World of Buzz

She said, after clicking the blue proceed button, she was being redirected to a page with bank logos and was instructed to choose her bank and follow the instructions given. She had chosen CIMB bank and was asked to input her username and password. Thereafter, she was asked to type the TAC code given.

Photo: World of Buzz

After a few minutes, Lee said she was surprised to have received a text message from CIMB bank advising her that the transfer of money to a certain person whom she didn’t know was successful.

Starting to panic, she called the customer service of CIMB and the representative was surprised that it wasn’t Lee who performed the online transaction. She was also informed that the transfer limit had been increased and the transaction had been carried out subsequently.

“I was so shocked as both acts were not carried out by me! The only thing I saw on CIMBclicks was just the page to type in username and password. I didn’t even click into the ‘transfer’ page nor the increase transfer limit page. CIMB then blocked my account and advised me to make a police report.

“So I made the police report at the police station near my house. I was then asked to meet the police inspector for Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial in Sri Petaling. But sadly, the inspector told me that there is no way that I can get the money back. I can only hope that they can find the culprit and lock him up in jail.”

Lee claimed that she never thought she’ll fall for one of the scams as she is aware of the online scams which she is able to read in the news every day.

“Even though I have always read about internet scams, I have never thought that I would one day fall victim to it. So, be careful everybody, as it can happen to anyone.”

Lee shared her experience to warn everyone to be careful on clicking weird links from email messages especially if one is unsure of it.