Malaysians Traveling to Thailand Feel Astonished After Being Denied Entry Because of Carrying Insufficient Cash

Going to Thailand for a short weekend trip is considered by Malaysians as a perfect idea as all they have to do is cross the border. However, what was supposedly a happy trip turned to be stressful after two travelers had been denied entry because of not bringing enough cash.

According to China Press, a Malaysian named Amy Yee, together with her friend, was set to travel to Thailand. As they drove to Bukit Kayu Hitam checkpoint to enter Thailand, an immigration officer at Danok checkpoint stopped them and asked how much cash were they carrying.

Photo: Jaryono

Apparently, before the friends headed to Thailand, they had prepared 15,000 baht each ($460). They presented their cash to the officer but, unfortunately, he said it wasn’t enough so they were denied entry. Amy Yee and her friend even presented their credit and debit cards yet the officer still didn’t allow them to pass.

Photo: World of Buzz

The two Malaysians felt dismayed and wondering at the same time since all the while, they were aware that the minimum cash requirement for an individual to bring in going to Thailand was set at 10,000 baht ($305) for visitors traveling without a visa.

Photo: China Press

Shortly, a seasoned Chinese tour guide saw them and tried to speak with the officer who remained firm with his decision and wouldn’t let Amy Yee and her friend pass unless they have sufficient amount with them as he declared. Left with no option, the travelers headed back to Bukit Kayu Hitam to withdraw more cash.

Upon their return at the checkpoint, they presented sufficient amount of cash and they were finally granted entry.

The incident earned varied reactions on social media where many were astonished by the officer’s act since that was the first time they’ve heard of such incident.