Mama Possum Attacks a Python to Save Her Baby

A parent will protect its young, no matter what; this is true not only in humans but also among animals. A mother can face anything to keep her baby safe and away from danger.

Christine Birch Williams took images of an epic fight between a snake and a possum which recently went viral on social media. The battle took place in a backyard of a house in Queensland, Australia.

Apparently, a carpet python snatched a baby possum from its mother’s back. The python immediately wrapped its body around its prey, trying to squeeze the life out of the baby possum.

Image from Christine Birch Williams

Being the feisty mother that she is, the mother possum viciously attacked the python, forcing it to let go of the baby possum. With a few bite marks, the python, helpless against the tenacious possum, let go of the baby possum who was, thankfully, unharmed.

While the online world celebrates the victory of the possums over the python, the post sparked a debate among the netizens on whether the person who took the photo should have intervened or not.

Christine said that she took photos but did not intervene with nature. One person said that he wouldn’t have interfered, would have run away and not watched while another wrote that he will not interfere any more than what humans already have.