Man Avoids Paying Restaurant Bill, Jumps into the Ocean Instead

After enjoying a lavish meal at the Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on Australia’s Gold Coast with a bill worth AUD$621 (US$466), aspiring rapper Terry Peck, 33, ran out of the restaurant into the ocean to allegedly avoid paying the hefty amount.

Local reports said that lifeguards took two police officers on jet skis to go after Peck, who ordered two lobster mornay, 21 oyster shooters, a baby octopus, and Corona beers.

Image from Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant Website

The aspiring rapper, who goes by the name 2pec when he performs, was able to swim 50 meters into the ocean before he was ********. He refused to return to the land, so the police ******** him on the water, instead.

He is facing charges of stealing and two counts of seriously assaulting a police officer.

During hearing at Southport Magistrates Court, Peck claimed that a friend called and told him that she is undergoing labor and was on the beach. According to him, he was just rushing to the ocean to help his friend.

He complained of overcooked lobster and finding shells in his oyster shot.

He was granted bail on a condition that he will stay away from the restaurant. He is ordered to return to the court on May 4.