Man Buries Father with RM30,000 ($7,600) in Malaysia, Netizens Now Want to Find the Grave

People from different cultures have different ways of paying respect to their **** and burying them. There are also special requests that the dying ones might have made that their families fulfill before the funeral.

But one man from India buried his dad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with RM30,000 ($7,600) in cash! The unnamed man was supposedly a rich man (obviously) who wanted to repay his father for everything that the old man had done for him.

Photo credit: China Press / World of Buzz

Since he could no longer give the money to his dad, the Indian man placed various funerary objects inside the coffin plus 600 pieces of RM50 notes.

According to reports on China Press and World of Buzz, the old man had suffered from various illnesses before dying. The rich son’s money may be a lot but it still was not able to help his father recover from the diseases.

But when the old man died, his son paid his respects in the best way he could think of – and that was to bury his dad along with a lot of money. His relatives confirmed that he had as much respect for the **** as he has for the living, often giving real money and clothes to his ancestors instead of the usual candle and food.

Photo credit: China Press / World of Buzz

Pictures of the money-laden coffin would soon go viral on social media. A lot of netizens believe the money wasn’t for real – for who in their right mind would really bury such a large amount of cash, anyway?

But others half-joked that they wish to find this old man’s grave to pay their respects and, perhaps, ‘borrow’ some cash from his coffin to spend on his behalf since he could no longer do it for himself. LOL.

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