Man Donates His House to the Church, Leaves Them with Vintage Vehicles and Collection of Over 30,000 Toy Cars

While it is said that “blood is thicker than water”, it is also true that family is not always defined by blood relations because there had been many times when people who are not related to you are actually the ones who feel more like family than real relatives.

This is what a man named Dennis Erikson felt with his local church. He was single and didn’t have close blood relatives. Essentially, the people in his church not only became his close friends but also his only family.

So, when it was time to make his will, he knew exactly what to do with his estate: bequeath it to the church.

Photo credit: USA Today

When Dennis died, there was no family to attend his wake; thus, the church officers and members were the once who facilitated everything. They did consider themselves as his family but they were surprised to learn that Dennis had left his property to the church.

But it would surprise them even more to discover that the property he left them was filled with cars – several vintage cars and over 30,000 pieces of toy cars from his collection! The church officers who inspected the property were quite amused to see the many cars Dennis had collected over the years.

In fact, every nook and cranny of the house was filled with toy cars, including the garage and the laundry room. Each item was also carefully catalogued and logged.

Photo credit: USA Today

The church really has no idea what to do with the collection, except sell it. It is estimated that the collection could fetch 6-7 figures if sold to toy collectors. As for the classic cars, they can probably use these as the collection seems to be in perfect condition.

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