Man Drops iPhone 8 in Café Toilet, Nearly Loses Arm Trying to Retrieve it Until Firefighters Arrived

If you dropped your phone inside the toilet bowl, would you stick your arm in to get it out? Ewwww!

Of course, a gadget is important to many people especially because your contacts are often stored inside the phone. Plus, many people shell out a lot of money to buy an expensive model; surely, they would want to save it if something happens, such as it falling inside the toilet bowl.

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

But one man learned the hard way that a gadget is still just a thing that can be replaced and not worth losing your limbs over when he injured his arm while retrieving the iPhone 8 he dropped inside a squat toilet. Oooops.

The unnamed man was drinking with friends at a café inside a hotel in Liuzhou, China’s Guanxi Autonomous Region. He went to the toilet to relieve himself.

While inside the toilet, he took out his phone to check his messages. It was too late for him to realize that toilets and phones don’t really mix that well, especially if you’ve been drinking.

Photo credit: LZ News


Because he paid a whopping 8,000 yuan ($1,300) on his new iPhone 8, he wasn’t about to let the phone just go down the drain (pun intended, really). So, as yucky as it might sound, he stuck his hand inside the public toilet bowl. Yuck!

But the phone was so far in that even if he stuck his arm up to the shoulder, he was unable to get it back. Things took a turn for worse when his arm got stuck inside the toilet bowl. He could not pull it back no matter how hard he tried.

Feeling rather embarrassed, he tried to save himself but after his arm was swollen from the pressure some 20 minutes later, he decided to call out for help. Luckily, a janitor heard him and called the fire department.

Photo credit: LZ News

Firefighters had to dismantle the toilet bowlto free the man. Not only did his pride suffer much damage over the incident, his arm was injured. Had he not called for help, he might even have lost his arm! Whew. So much damage for a gadget!

Lucky for him, the hotel decided to foot the bill and even buy him a new phone over the incident which was actually entirely his fault!