Man Earns Praise for Showing Compassion after New Helper Accidentally Scalds Daughter with Boiling Water

What would you do if your child gets involved in an accident because of someone’s carelessness? Would you be furious and fight back?

Many of us would certainly do that, with a lot even going to great lengths to exact revenge. But one man who showed compassion to the woman who caused his daughter much pain has earned the internet’s admiration and praise.

Jinghan Naan posted on Facebook how her daughter Masha was scalded with boiling water by their new helper. It was really an accident but she felt furious that the woman was too careless to think of the child’s safety.

According to Jinghan, the new helper had been pouring boiling water into a thermos when she saw Masha looking at her. Possibly in an attempt to entertain the kid, the woman shook the thermos but forgot to put the lid back. This caused boiling water to spill, hitting the kid on the arm.

Photo credit: Jinghan Naan / Facebook

Jinghan’s husband Aizat took Masha to the bathroom but running cool water on the arm wasn’t enough because blisters were quickly forming on the child’s arm. They took her to the hospital. Jinghan was furious despite her husband’s assurance that Masha will be alright and that it was just an accident.

As she watched her daughter crying her heart out in pain, Jinghan’s anger grew. She knew that she had to fire the woman once they got back home. But her husband had other plans.

She later wrote on Facebook:

When all was over, Masha collapsed onto Aizat’s shoulder in exhaustion. Her eyes were still swollen and red from crying. Aizat looked to me and said, “Later when we go back-”

“Ya, we’re going to send her back. She’s fired.”

“Later when we go back, ask if she’s ok.”

I was dumbfounded, “For what???”

“The water probably spilled on her as well. We didn’t even bother to ask if she was ok.”

“But this is her fault!”

“Ya but she’s human too.”

I caressed Masha on her head and didn’t respond. She was sleeping so peacefully.

Aizat touched me on my arm, “Ask her if her hand is fine, ok? This is what prophet would do.”

Photo credit: Jinghan Naan / Facebook

I’ve always thought I was the more patient and compassionate one because Aizat snaps so easily while on the road, cursing and spewing whatever comes to his mind at that very instant. I would chide him and remind him to mind his language now that Masha is in the picture.

But in times when we’re truly tested, he becomes an entirely different person. It’s as if the worst of times would always bring out the best in him.

What do you think of Aizat’s decision?

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