Man Fakes Allergic Reaction in Surprise Proposal for His Nurse Girlfriend

During Lauren Trulli’s shift at the Monmouth Medical Center, New Jersey, she received a very scary news that the next patient that had been rushed over in an ambulance was her boyfriend Tom Ciancia who had a severe allergic reaction to peanuts.

As the ambulance arrived, Lauren immediately rushed over to his side. As Tom was wheeled inside the hospital, he pretended to fall off the stretcher and got down on one knee with a ring in his hand to propose to Lauren in front of all her co-workers who helped him in organizing the proposal.

Image from Life Daily

“We’re both Emergency Department nurses and this is where we met. I set it up with our charge nurse and Elboron Ambulance to have Lauren meet a critical patient in the ambulance bay. When she saw it was me her heart dropped and she went into ER mode and quickly went inside to get IV’s set up, she then went to assist me out of the stretcher and that’s when I proposed,” Tommy said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Image from Life Daily

Tom who also works as an emergency department nurse at the Monmouth Medical Center said that the hospital is where he fell in love with Lauren so it is the perfect place to propose.

Although it could have been obvious when some of the staff members were filming the proceedings, Lauren was too focused on her job to notice. So when Tom popped the question, she immediately burst into tears and answered “yes”.