Man FINALLY Gets His Driving License after 33 Attempts, 14 Instructors, And 25 Years of Learning How to Drive!

There’s no harm in trying.

Try and try until you succeed.

You will never know unless you try.

Christian Whiteley-Mason might have probably heard a million inspirational quotes about trying and never giving up in the 25 years he spent in coveting the elusive driving license.

Christian Whiteley-Mason
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I cannot believe I have finally passed after all these years. I am still in shock!” he said.

His journey towards becoming a licensed driver included 33 attempts and involved 14 driving instructors.

The 42-year-old care home manager from Barnsley, South Yorkshire took his first driving test and failed in 1998.  He had 56 lessons with his first instructor who, eventually, told him that he would never pass and just give up.

After failing for the 32nd time in 2003, he finally admitted defeat and gave up.

He had another round of driving lessons when he turned 30, but he never finished it and did not take the exam, as well.

However, his profession required him to travel, and he found it difficult to get day-by-day without being able to drive his car. He either had to ask other people for a ride or take a taxi which cost him a fortune, so he decided to try his luck for one more time.

Everyone laughed at me and said I’d never do it. However, I was determined I was going to show everyone,” he said.

This time around, he passed his driving test, which included independent driving tests, theory tests, and the hazard perception test; and only got marked downs for three minor errors.

I am so proud of myself. It’s changed my life, to be honest. I felt like I’d achieved everything I really wanted to achieve, this was the one thing I had left to do,” he said.

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