Man Finally Marries Long-Time Girlfriend after She Nearly Lost Her Life Trying to Save Their Kids

Many of us don’t really understand the value of things until these are taken away from us. That’s what nearly happened to one man whose girlfriend and children nearly died in a devastating house fire. After living together for 15 years, he finally decided to marry her.

Angel Fiorini woke up close to midnight because she could hardly breathe. She quickly realized the house was on fire and that the thick smoke was covering the hallways, making it difficult for her to reach her kids at the other side of the house.

She took 18-month-old Rosalie and 3-year-old Vinnie in her arms, running outside to get them to safety before getting back to save 7-year-old Gianna. But by the time she reached Gianna, the fire had gone much bigger.

Photo credit: Angel Fiorini / Parenting is Easy

Angel and Gianna suffered from third-degree burns all over their bodies, with skin melting off due to the intense heat inside the house. They were taken to the hospital where they spent months trying to recover not just from the burns but also from infections.

The hero mom suffered so much that she nearly died from pulmonary embolism and bacterial pneumonia. Recovering from the burns was a long, painful process which involved skin grafts but Angel survived.

Photo credit: Angel Fiorini / Parenting is Easy

Her long-time partner, Aaron, would realize just how much he loved her after nearly losing her to the fire. He also recognized how heroic she was as she did not hesitate to sacrifice herself to save their daughter.

He finally proposed and they got married soon after. While she now had the scars and burn marks all over her body, Aaron thinks she was the most beautiful bride and he was very proud to be her husband.

Photo credit: Angel Fiorini / Parenting is Easy

Weddings are always an emotional occasion but this one was really just specially so.

It was such a wonderful surprise. After everything that we had been through, I think it had set Aaron thinking that we should get married at last,” Angel said.