Man finds $43k inside second-hand couch, returns it to woman whose grandfather hid it inside

  • A man who bought a second-hand couch found $43k cash hidden inside
  • While his lawyer said he had no legal obligation to return the money, he did what he thought was the right thing to do
  • It turned out that the couch was donated by a woman whose grandfather passed away last year and his grandfather might be the one hiding all the money in the couch

Have you ever imagined yourself finding a bag with loads of cash inside? Then, you will ponder — will you keep the money to buy things that you want and need or will you make an effort to look for its rightful owner?

Image from WNEM TV via YouTube

Howard Kirby said he has always wondered what he was going to do when he faced that situation and he finally found out.

Kirby purchased a second-hand couch from the Habitat for Humanity store in Ossowo for his man cave. After several weeks, he found that it was a bit uncomfortable. His daughter helped him unzip the cushion so they can do something to make it more comfortable.

To their surprise, they found hundreds of dollars hidden inside which totaled to $43,170.

His lawyer said he was not legally bound to return the cash he found. He could have simply used it to purchase roof for his home but he decided to do what is right.

Image from WNEM TV via YouTube

He contacted Habitat for Humanity and asked who donated the couch. They found out that it belonged to Kim Fauth-Newberry, who lost her grandfather last year. Newberry was in tears when Kirby handed all the money he found inside the couch.

“It’s just crazy. It’s completely awesome,” she told WNEM-TV.

As for Kirby, he is glad he finally knew what he was going to do if he found loads of cash.

“I always thought ‘what would I do if that ever happened’ and now I know, and it makes me feel good,” he said in the same interview.

Sources: WNEM, Good News Network