Man Gets Overwhelmed After Stranger Pays His $110 Gasoline Bill, Stranger Requested to Pass on Acts of Kindness in Order to Repay Him

One morning, Tyson Crawley was at a gasoline station to gas up his vehicle and to grab some iced coffees from its convenient store. Shortly after, when he was about to pay his bill, he suddenly realized that he had transferred all his money into a new bank account last night and didn’t have his new ATM card with him. What he only had in his wallet was a card for joint account which unfortunately, he cannot remember what the PIN was.

Photo : Tyson Crawley/Facebook

While he was trying to figure out how he would be able to settle his $110 bill from the cashier through his iPhone, a man who had just paid for his cup of coffee approached him and asked if he needed some money. Crawley who at that time was still freaking out said, “No no no, I just can’t remember my pin!

However, the other man said, “It’s fine.

Clueless of what the man had just uttered, he saw him walk towards the cashier and settle his bill. Crawley was surprised with what the man did so he insisted that he had the money but just can’t access it that time.

The man replied with, “It’s a free country isn’t it? I can help a brother out can’t I?

Convinced with what the man said, Crawley gratefully accepted his offer but expressed his intention of paying him back. After all, he’s thinking that $110 was an amount we cannot just throw away.

Please mate, give me your number, I will contact you and pay you back immediately, please can you write down your number?” he said.

As the man was looking for something to write on, the cashier slid over the receipt  so he wrote on it and passed it to Crawley.  Overwhelmed with the man’s generosity, Crawley asked to take a photo with him which the man sincerely agreed.

Sure!” he replied.

Photo : Tyson Crawley/Facebook

Shortly after, they bid each other good day and they parted ways. Crawley stepped out of the store and noticed the man was completely gone. He then opened the receipt to record the man’s number but he was surprised to see that the anonymous man had written a request instead of his number that says, “Pass it on”.

Photo : Tyson Crawley/Facebook

Totally stunned with what the man had written, he wrote on his Facebook account and posted, “This picture says it all.  Please be beautiful people, and remember it’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, having the biggest house, most expensive car, the largest bank account, but work with each other, after all, what is money compared to the quality of human life?

Crawley claimed that he had read many stories where strangers were doing random acts of kindness and paid it forward and those sounded strange for him.  But when the same happened to him, he testified it was such a tremendous experience.

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