Man Goes ‘Live’ on Facebook after Seeing Angel-Shaped Cloud to Prove the Cloud is Real and Not Photoshopped

If you see something unusual or weird, you would surely take a picture so you can later show it to your friends – but these days, people will just laugh and tell you that you’re making things up and the photo was surely edited via Photoshop or some other editing software.

So, when Cory Hearon of Camden, South Carolina saw a cloud that is shaped like an angel, he quickly got his phone out and took some photos. Then, he made the realization that people are simply going to tell him he just made the photo up.

To prove that the cloud is real, Hearon did something that’s a big thing on social media these days: he went ‘live’!


With the live video on Facebook, he was able to show his friends that he actually saw that cloud and it is for real! But he didn’t expect that the video would later go viral – and a week later, it would have received over 7.9 million views!

Most of the 137k comments on the clip showed amazement and wonder over the lovely cloud. Of course, there were still those who were skeptical but the others pointed out that Hearon couldn’t have edited that video because it was a ‘live video’.

What do you think?


Posted by Cory Hearon on Tuesday, October 11, 2016