Man in Coma for Weeks, Wakes Up after Hospital Lets His Pet Dog Visit!

It is amazing how something as simple as a hospital letting a patient’s pet dog go for a visit could actually lead to that patient’s recovery – and his daughter is now advocating that hospitals should change their policies about prohibiting pets from visiting their owners.

A 73-year-old Italian man named Giovanni had a dog named Nancy; the two are the best of friends and enjoy plenty of fun things together, including regular walks at the park. After spending so many years together, the two were inseparable.

So, when Giovanni was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack, Nancy grew restless as she could not understand why her human never came home. At the hospital, Giovanni slipped into a coma and showed no improvement for weeks, despite daily visits from his kids.

Photo credit: American Web Media

While taking care of Nancy at home, Giovanni’s daughter Deborah noticed the dog’s pitiful behavior. When she learned that the hospital recently created a new policy that allowed family to bring the patient’s pets for a visit, she immediately brought Nancy to her dad’s bedside.

As expected, the dog was enthusiastic; it began barking and licking the old man’s face as it celebrated the reunion – but it brought a wonderful miracle! For the first time in weeks, the old man’s face shaped into a smile and he moved.

Photo credit: American Web Media

They weren’t expecting it but the doctors were quite shocked that their patient would wake up from his coma after a visit from his dog! Isn’t that amazing? Deborah definitely thinks so! Thus, she is now an advocate for hospitals to allow pets to visit their owners as that could be the instrument for a miracle, just like what happened to her father!