Man in Shabby Clothes Gets Ignored by Salespersons, Buys a Harley Davidson in Cash

A man in over-sized and faded clothes, and a pair of flip-flops just wanted to buy a motorbike. He went to several motorbike dealers but he was never entertained because of his shabby clothes. He certainly looked just like a beggar who just wanted to look at the bikes in display.

Photo: Facebook

Lung Decha, a man from Thailand, finally found a store that entertained him. After a few minutes, he bought a Harley Davidson worth over $17,300 in cash. Who would have thought?

His elder sister took the story to social media and it immediately went viral, reminding the world of the old adage — never judge a book by its cover.

Photo: Facebook

It turns out that the man is a mechanic who has been working all his life and just wants to buy his dream bike. He is not a ‘rich man in disguise’. He was able to save enough money for the Harley Davidson bike because he doesn’t smoke, drink, nor gamble.

Photo: Facebook
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