Man Offers Model Girlfriend $75,000 to Abort Their Baby But She Decides to Keep the Child

An MIT graduate and a hedge funder tried to offer his model ex-girlfriend $75,000 to abort their child and called her a ‘disgusting white trash’ when she refused.

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Ron Ozer, 29, a portfolio manager at Citadel is currently being sued by Elmira Naymark, 32, for child support.

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The couple was together for two and a half years when Elmira announced that she was pregnant. Ron suddenly went cold and asked her to abort the baby. When she refused and effectively ended their relationship, he called her a ‘disgusting white trash’. He even went as far as offer her $75,000 to abort the baby.

Naymark refused the offer and she had a baby girl last September.

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Naymark said that Ozer made $60 million in one deal last year but refused to give a single cent for their baby. Currently, Naymark is jobless and has to rely on food stamps and Medicaid to raise her child.

This is why she filed a child support lawsuit against Ozer. In addition, she wants full custody of the baby, health insurance, private school funding, and a $5 million insurance policy that will list her and their child as beneficiaries in case Ozer ****.