Man Photographs Rare Square-Shaped Waves, Discovers These are Extremely Dangerous

Did you know that square-shaped waves actually exist? Truly, nature is so amazing and full of wonder!

The seas around Isle of Rhe in France are beautiful yet also quite treacherous, with many ships meeting an accident after getting trapped in the beautiful yet deadly square-shaped waves.

One man sought to photograph these waves and achieved stunning results. The place would soon become a tourist attraction, with people visiting the area to view the unique waves that are really unlike any other you would see in other beaches around the world.

Photo credit: Twitter / @Ghrebaa

The waves appear around the Isle of Rhe because two seas converge on the area. Because the two seas have different wave systems, there are times when the patterns in the seas clash to form these waves.

But getting trapped in these waves can be really dangerous because you won’t be able to get out until the tide ebbs and the waves return to ‘normal’.

Photo credit: Twitter / @Ghrebaa

If you’ve heard of riptides, then you know how dangerous those waves can be. Well, square-shaped waves are more dangerous than riptides! So, if you ever spot this kind of waves at sea, get out as fast as you can! If you’re trapped inside the square, don’t waste your energy trying to get out if the waves are too strong. Instead, ride it out and wait for help to arrive.

Still, they do look so pretty, right?

Photo credit: Twitter / @Ghrebaa