Man Plays 4 Musical Instruments at Once…This is Brilliant!

Learning to play one musical instrument can be quite difficult – and it would often take years of practice before one can master the craft of playing this particular instrument. This is the reason why I really admire musicians, especially the talented ones who can play several instruments.

Well, we’ve heard of musicians who know how to play several instruments but have you ever seen one who can play several instruments all at once? These musicians are truly brilliant!

Take for example this comedic musical group known as Mnozil Brass who hails from Vienna, Austria. These guys take their musical performance to a higher level by adding a dash of comedy. Yet what truly amazed me is the fact that one of them could play four instruments at once! Surely, that is quite incredible, right?

You’ll have to watch this amazing video to check out these guys’ cool trick. There’s an adage, “To see is to believe” after all…

The first part of the performance reminds me a lot of Mr. Bean.