Man Receives $5,000 from Bank after Cashing in Pennies He Collected for 45 Years

Some 45 years ago, Otha Anders of Louisiana picked up a penny while walking in the street. He kept the penny and placed it inside a piggy bank. This would inspire him to keep the pennies he found and also the ones he received as change.

Who would have thought that decades later he would save over $5,000 in just pennies? That’s incredible.

Photo credit: United News International / YouTube

After the first penny, he began collecting so much that it would fill a 5-gallon water jug. Of course, he could have cashed in that money after he filled the bottle but he knew the jug didn’t really hold that much cash. So, he just started on a new bottle.

When he filled the second bottle, he just thought it would be great to go on. So, he didn’t bother cashing in the pennies as the years went on.

Photo credit: United News International / YouTube

Now, the practice of collecting coins in your home is not encouraged because a lot of times, coins actually cost more to make than their actual worth! Oooooops. But for Otha, it has become a habit.

Time flew so fast that he never noticed it had already been 45 years since he started collecting pennies. Recently, needing some cash for some dental bills, Otha brought his collection of pennies to the bank. Carting 55 water gallons in, he must have been a sight to see that day at the bank!

Photo credit: United News International / YouTube

Thankfully, the bank had a counting machine for coins; thus, it *only* took them a whopping 5 hours to count all that money. That would have taken them weeks to complete if they had to do it manually. Whew!

At the end of the day, Otha was told that his 55 water gallons held a total of $5, 136.14! Wow! That’s a lot of money, considering everything was in pennies.

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